Rule 9410

The San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District requires employers with 100 or more employees traveling to a worksite during peak commute hours to comply with a standard entitled Rule 9410. The program’s goal is to reduce vehicle emissions in the Valley by getting people to use alternative forms of transportation to get to work. Through education, encouragement, the proper infrastructure, and quality programs employees are incentivized and encouraged to use other forms of transportation besides single occupant vehicles to get to work. This practice reduces the number of vehicle trips being made during peak commute hour which in turn reduces air pollution.


Employers who meet the qualifications for Rule 9410 are required to fill out an eTrip which details the measures an employer will follow for compliance in the upcoming calendar year. For the past two years qualifying employers have been filling out eTrips to meet compliance with the continual system. Over the three year program employers will continue to maintain the programs they installed during the previous year until they have established a comprehensive program which reduces single occupant work trips during commute hours.

Our Services

Bike Bakersfield is the largest bicycle advocacy organization in the San Joaquin Valley and has years of experience teaching people about the benefits of alternative transportation. Being bicycle commuters equips our staff to help people with the struggles of making biking a part of their transportation habits. We know the issues people face when considering alternative forms of transportation and we are equipped to meet their needs. We offer a variety of services to meet qualification for Rule 9410 as well as deliver effective information to employers.





Site Visits

Bike Bakersfield staff will visit your complying worksite to engage employees about the use of alternative forms of transportation and provide solutions for their needs. These one-one-interactions are effective and help employees find solutions to their individual challenges.

Lunch Rides

To help employees get a change of pace at lunch and create some excitement around biking, Bike Bakersfield organizes and leads lunch rides for clients. While satisfying a compliance measure these rides expose more employees to biking to work by encouraging employees to bike on the days of the ride. These rides are done at a moderate pace and can be enjoyed by employees of all fitness levels.

Safety Presentations

Bike Bakersfield’s staff practices safe riding on city streets and we are prepared to pass that information on to your employees. Whether its information on route selection, lane positioning, communication with other road users, or basic maintenance our staff can deliver the information needed to get interested but concerned people riding. A presentation from our staff will deliver quality information into the hands of your employees and prepare them to ride confidently on city streets.


Interested in riding but concerned about how to get there? Let our staff help you. Bike Bakersfield’s request-a-route program is in place to help people find a safe and time efficient route to get from their starting point to their destination. We do this by finding routes that keep people off high-speed arterial streets and instead puts them on quieter, slower collector streets.

Comprehensive Bicycle Program

Our staff can provide any assistance/consulting an employer needs to establish an effective comprehensive bicycle program. Whether its assistance with bicycle rack selection, placement, or more we are prepared to assist you.


Bike Bakersfield will write quarterly newsletters for employees filled with storied related to alternative forms of transportation. These stories will encourage people to make active transportation a part of their everyday lives. Additionally we will provide information on outside resources that can help people use alternative forms of transportation.

Bike-to-Work Events

Bike to Work Day challenges are a great way to encourage people to commute by bike. Typically many participants who first ride to work for these rides will continue to bike after the challenge is over. Bike Bakersfield will organize and run these events for employers if they are interested.

Contact Us

If you are interested in having Bike Bakersfield help with your Rule 9410 compliance please call us at (661) 321-9247. You can also email us at