Bike Bakersfield

Board Of Directors


Program Manager

Adam Kahler

I’ve always been drawn to bicycles.  As a child I found that there was no parallel to the freedom and independence of two wheels under your own power and a bond was formed that will be forever unbroken.  As a member of the Bike Bakersfield team I am honored to have the opportunity to convey my love of cycling, whether its for fun, fitness, competition, or transportation and utility, to our community here in Kern County and spread the joy that only two wheels can deliver.



Glenn Hammett – Board President Professional Affiliation: Bakersfield Life Magazine

  • Received his BA in Graphic Design from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
  • Currently serves as the Art Director for Bakersfield Life Magazine
  • Joined the Bike Bakersfield Board of Directors in 2010 and became Chairman of the Board in 2012
  • Began bike commuting at Cal Poly and continues to commute by bike today



Bob Smith – Board Vice President Professional Affiliation: SmithTech USA

  • Graduated from Fresno State with a degree in Civil Engineering
  • Founded Bike Bakersfield in 2005
  • Began his own engineering firm in 1983
  • Currently serves as City Councilman for Ward 4 in the City of Bakersfield
  • Began biking for transportation in college and has continued to do so for the past 30+ years of his career



Cindy Parra – Board Secretary Professional Affiliation: SmithTech USA.

  • Joined Bike Bakersfield as a founding Board Member in 2005
  • Works as the Office Manager for Smith Tech USA
  • Currently serves as the Board President for the CaliforniaBicycle Coalitions
  • Member of the Kern Council of Governments RegionalPlanning Advisory Committee
  • Member of the California Bicycle Advisory Committee forCaltrans
  • Vice Chairman for the Golden Empire Transit District



Louis Bravos – Board Member Professional Affiliation: Retired

  • Recently retired from his career at Meadows Field as an air traffic controller
  • Was an avid bicycle commuter for his entire career and continues to be one into his retirement
  • Currently a member of the Kern Wheelman and the LA Wheelman
  • Joined the Bike Bakersfield board in 2005



Lauren Franconi – Board Member

Professional Affiliation: Retired

  • Received her Bachelor of Science from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in Mechanical Engineering, and her Master of Science in Engineering and Business Management from Santa Clara University
  • Served as Executive Director of Bike Bakersfield for three years
  • Business Development Manager for the Alzheimer’s Association California Central Chapter
  • Board Member for the Bakersfield Spotlight Theatre
  • Board Member for the Kern River Parkway Foundation



Andrae Gonzalez – Board Member Professional Affiliation: Stewards Inc.

  • Graduated from Cal Berkeley before returning to Bakersfield in 2005
  • Began Faith in Action, a local nonprofit back in 2005
  • Currently serves as the CEO of Stewards Inc.
  • Became a part of the Bike Bakersfield Board of Directors in 2013
  • Sits on the Bakersfield City School District Board of Trustees
  • Bakersfield City Councilman for Ward 2


jasonJason Cater

Since coming on board with Bike Bakersfield in July 2011 I have watched this organization grow in all facets. I believe we are only beginning to scratch the surface of the impact Bike Bakersfield will make on the community and I am excited to be a part of its continual growth by serving as Executive Director. Bakersfield is plagued by a number of issues, ultimately impacting/deterring the quality of life for local residents. I believe increasing bicycle use is the key to improving the lives of local residents. The joy, relaxation, and freedom I experience on my bike are things that can add value to the lives of local residents. Our organization is passionate about helping people use the bike for everyday transportation. Whether its advocating for improved infrastructure, teaching people how ride safely on city streets, repairing bikes for the local community, educating our youth on the joys of biking, or organizing rides to bring the community together, Bike Bakersfield will continue to make an impact in this community and change lives. I am privileged to be a part of this organization and I am excited to lead it as we create a better Bakersfield.



Frank Wooldridge – Board Member Professional Affiliation: Law Office of Young & Wooldridge

  • Graduated from Cal State Bakersfield with a degree in Public Administration
  • Served with the Bakersfield Police Department for 32 years before joining Young & Wooldridge
  • Teaches courses on Criminal Justice at Kaplan College
  • Currently serves as a Board Members for the American Red Cross, Kern County chapter
  • Became a member of the Bike Bakersfield Board of Directors in 2015