Putting bikes back on the street where they belong.
Since January 2006, Bike Bakersfield has refurbished over 800 bicycles and provided them to Bakersfield area residents. The goal of the program is to provide bicycles for individuals who are interested in building their own bike and willing to learn how to build and maintain a bicycle. Recipients put in 20 hours of volunteer work before receiving their bicycle. On the last day of your volunteer hours you get to put together your own bike. During your volunteer time you will learn the ins and outs of a bike which will help you keep your bike rolling.

In order to participate in the Recycle-a-Bicycle program you must sign up at the Bike Kitchen when it is open.

Volunteering at the Bike Kitchen will consist of tasks range from sorting and organizing parts and tools, sweeping and cleaning, bike repair (depending on experience level), and possible office work.

At 15 hours you may begin putting your bike together, with the mechanic’s assistance. Our bicycles were generously donated by members of the community; you may also use parts you have acquired outside of our program.

If you need any more information call our Bike Kitchen at (661) 321-9248 or send us an email.